Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Steampunk Revolution

There is no doubt about it - steampunk jewelry has leapt in popularity over the last few years.  Steampunk really began to pick up steam - pardon the pun - in the early 2000's although it had been around even before then.  Google Trends took note of the steampunk movement in 2006 and noted a steady gain in popularity since then.

What is steampunk?  Science fiction writer H.G. Wells -often referred to as "the father of science fiction" - coined the term in 1987 as a way of describing his works and those of his contempories such as Jules Verne.  Initially the phrase referred specifically to Victorian science fiction and fantasies, but over time an entire subculture emerged to include jewelry, art, fashion and even music.

Steampunk jewelry blends the femininity of the Victorian era with the mechanical technology that emerged during this time.  Most steampunk and neo-Victorian items use dark non-shiny metals such as brass and gunmetal giving these pieces an antique vintage style appeal.  Steampunk jewelry is often handmade giving it a feeling of uniqueness.  Many jewelry and craft artists sell their steampunk designs on sites such as Etsy and ArtFire.

Supplies used to create steampunk designs include items such as filigree stampings, watch faces and watch parts, vintage jewelry components, skeleton keys and vintage keys, and almost any gadget or mechanical part.   Each piece is usually unique combining and layering different components.

To see fantastic examples of steampunk jewelry, view this ArtFire Collection entitled Steampunk Fantasy!

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