Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not Your Mother's Eyeglass Keeper

If you have as hard of a time keeping up with your glasses as I do, you might like these pretty designs I recently came up with!

I was trying to come up with something different from the typical boring eyeglass leash that we've all seen or worn.  Well this is something totally different - a brooch eyeglass holder. And they use NEO magnets so there are no holes to poke through your clothing.

I sell these in my second Etsy shop EyeglassChainsEtc.  Here are the first few of my new designs:

Glass Fire Opal Eyeglass Holder

Ruby Red Faceted Glass Brooch Eyeglass Keeper

Czech Glass Button Eyeglass Keeper - Black and Gold

Czech Glass Button Eyeglass Keeper - Black and Silver
 Here are what the back of a couple of these brooches look like - notice the round NEO magnets which I glued to the back of the brooch using super strong e6000 glue.

Included with the brooch is a second NEO magnet which you wear on the inside of your clothing.  You never have to worry about poking pins through your clothing.

I also include a snap on alligator clip with these brooches so they can be used as an ID badge lanyard.  Here is a picture of one of the brooches with the clip:

Alligator clip snaps on and off to use as ID badge holder

I package these beauties in a pretty tin box for storing your brooch along with your extra magnet which conveniently attaches to the tin box for easy access.  See the extra magnet attached to the lid on the box.

You can check out these eyeglass brooches along with my beaded lanyards in my newest Etsy shop:

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