Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Celebrate November with Topaz Jewelry

Topaz is the birthstone for November, so I decided to welcome the month of November with a post about this gemstone.

The name "topaz" originated from the Sanskrit - an Indian language of Hinduism and Buddhism.  It means "fire."  Jupiter "god of the sun" was associated with topaz by the Romans.  with topaz Most people think of topaz as an orange-yellow to brown color, but it also is found in hues of peach, pink, blue and clear.  Brazil is a major supplier for the world's supply of topaz, but deposits are found throughout the world including the United States.

During the ancient and Middle Ages, topaz was thought to have protective and healing powers. Even today, many people wear topaz because it is thought to have healing and rejuvenating powers and have the ability to increase wealth and wisdom.

Glass replicas of topaz are worn today in many jewelry designs and can be stunning!  One example is this "Topaz Glass Gem Pendant Necklace" I have listed on Etsy:
Topaz Glass Gem Pendant Necklace
For more beautiful examples of topaz jewelry - both gemstone and glass gems replicas - check out this Etsy Treasury!

Links and references I used to find information about topaz:
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