Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jewelry Can Be Functional and Beautiful

Deco Eyeglass Chain

We think of jewelry as being something to look pretty.  But jewelry can often be functional as well as beautiful. 

The list of possibilities could be endless, but here are my top five types of functional jewelry designs along with some great examples:

1.  Eyeglass Lanyards and Necklaces:
A beautiful and functional jewelry design that helps you keep up with your glasses.  I make and sell these myself on Etsy.

Black Pearl and Crystal Eyeglass Chain 

Gold Pearl Eyeglass Necklace-Lanyard 

2.  Hair jewelry:

Head bands, hair clips, head pieces.  Some are worn daily - others for weddings and special occasions.

Here are a few beautiful examples I found on Etsy.

Handmade French Beaded Flower Barrette by SparklingGarden on Etsy

Winter Headband Decorated With Silver Beads by Tuschealpacas on Etsy

Ivory Cream Rose Crown Wedding Headpiece by Kisforkani on Etsy

3.  Magnifying Jewelry:
I love jewelry that has magnifying glass in it.  Perfect for those who don't want to carry reading glasses.  These designs I found on Etsy are both beautiful and functional:

Beautiful Magnifying Glass Wrapped with Beadwork by beadshead on Etsy

Beautiful Antique Brass Magnifying Glass Necklace by jenuineB on Etsy

4.  Lockets:

One of the oldest and most cherished types of functional jewelry.

Check out these beautiful examples of beautiful lockets:

Emerald Bewitched Locket by TwilightsCastle on Etsy.

Vintage Style Floral Oval Locket by Ringostone on Etsy

5.  Timepieces:

Another functional type of jewelry that's been around for ages!

I found these beautifully functional jewelry designs at - where else - Etsy!