Friday, April 18, 2014

Wire-Wrapped Gemstone Pendants

My goodness, what a busy spring this has been.  So busy I have not had time to post in a while.  But I am taking time to share my newest project - wire-wrapped pendants.

Wire-wrapping is a skill I have only recently begun to work on and it is still a work in progress.  But after several attempts, here is my first wire-wrapped design.  It is a Blue Apatite oval gemstone which I wire wrapped with silver wire.

Overall, I am not too displeased with the finished design.  I had one more of these pretty gemstones so I made another to see if I could replicate the design, then added a chain to the second one.  Here is the final design:

Now I will tell you that wire-wrapping takes some practice.  I worked with some very inexpensive wire first for practice before moving on to the silver wire.  Anyway, if you are interested in learning how to wire-wrap there are lots of tutorials across the internet.  One of the best ones I found was a post on Pinterest by

Will be working on more wire-wrapped projects soon.  In the meantime, these pendants can be found in my Etsy shop.

LOL!  Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!