Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mothers and Grandmother Jewelry

Mother and Grandmother jewelry make such perfect personalized gifts.  I made two this year for Christmas.  These are the first two of these I have ever made, but I hope to make more to list in my Etsy shop.

I was first asked to make a Mother/Grandmother necklace for one of my husband's dear aunts. She prefers gold jewelry, so I used antique gold chain.  It could also be made though in silver.

I used a pretty charm holder with hearts to suspend onto the chain, then made the charms using Swarovski crystals in birthstone color.  I used antique gold bead caps to accent the crystals.

The center charm has a crystal pearl and peridot crystal representing my aunt and her husband.  The large ruby and emerald crystals beside the center charm represent her two children.  The medium turquoise, amethyst, peridot, and clear (diamond) crystals are birthstones for her four grandchildren - I added an angel wings bead cap to the amethyst one for a grandchild that was lost in a tragic accident.  The smaller white opal and clear crystals represent her two great grandchildren.

If more great grandchildren are born, more charms can be added.

After finishing my aunt's necklace, I decided to make a slightly different one for my mother-in-law and give it to her for Christmas.

I used the same antique gold chain but did not use a charm holder.  Instead I put two Swarovski crystals (garnet and alexandrite) inside a beautiful filigree bead cage to represent my mother-in-law and her now deceased husband.

Beside the bead cage on each side are two crystal drops in birthstones for her two sons - one amethyst and one garnet.  Since the garnet crystal represented my husband, I attached a tiny peridot crystal to that one to represent me - who married into the family.  The two outer charms are topaz and amethyst to represent her only two grandchildren - my two sons.  I attached a tiny turquoise crystal to the topaz one to represent my daughter-in-law (her grand daughter-in-law.)

When great grandchildren come along, more crystal drops can be added.

I liked the idea of these necklaces so much, I decided to post them in my Etsy shop.  Of course no two will be exactly alike but the photos are posted to provide inspiration and ideas for a custom design.  You can check out my Mother/Grandmother Jewelry section in my Etsy shop here.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!