Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rose Gold Jewelry - New Designs

Rose gold jewelry has become one of my new faves!  I only recently started using rose gold but I have to admit I have fallen in love with it. The color is a warm rich color with a copper tint to it. And, in fact, rose gold is about 22% copper.

This week I thought I would share some of my newest designs in rose gold.

This first design is a lanyard using a heavy weight rose gold chain. It has a nice substantial feel to it. I made it so it can be worn either as an eyeglass necklace, ID-Badge or key  holder, or both. Or just wear as a pretty necklace by removing the detachable ID clasp.

Rose Gold Lanyard with Detachable ID-Badge Holder

The clasp easily detaches from the round loop - use the loop to use as an eyeglass necklace!

Four Ways to Wear It!

This next design uses a lighter weight more delicate rose gold cable chain. I custom made this for a customer, and will be replicating this design and offering it soon in my EyeglassChainsEtc. Etsy shop.
Custom Lightweight Rose Gold Lanyard

These earrings have the same light weight rose gold chain along with Swarovski crystal pearls in a color called what else - Rose Gold! You can find these in my DJAjewels Etsy shop.
Rose Gold Pearl Earrings

Till next time!

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