Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sun Catchers and Sun Prisms - A Bit Of Winter Therapy!

My family and I made a wonderful trip to Key West over the Holidays, and we had a marvelous time. The temperatures were in the high 70's and 80's - balmy and absolutely perfect!  It was so awesome to get away in the middle of winter to a little bit of what I would call paradise. In fact, I'm ready to go back!

Here's a few shots of us living the good life in sunny Key West:

Hubby & me enjoying a Mimosa on the covered porch of our condo.
Here we are getting ready to enjoy lunch at the Southern Most Cafe.

I just had to take a shot of this charming shop decorated for Christmas.
It sure didn't feel like Christmas though!

We spent four great days there. And then we came back home to reality.  We got on the plane to come home from Florida wearing shorts and flip flops on a balmy 85 degree day. We exited the plane in Charlotte to 40 degree rainy and cold weather.

And then it got worse - the temperatures have dropped to the 20's and 30's. I know I shouldn't complain - here in South Carolina our winters are mild compared to the northern states. But nonetheless, I am ready for spring!

So now that we are firmly in the grasp of winter, I have been searching for a way to connect back to the sun again. And I did what I often do - retreat to my jewelry and beading room. And in my quest for the sun, I made sun catchers. And then I kept making sun catchers. I started out just planning to make one. But one just wasn't enough - I kept going.  After all, maybe sun catchers are therapeutic - watching the sun reflect and dance through them is actually uplifting. And so I thought I would share the results of my sun catching therapy here with you:

"Jewels in Flight" Sun Catcher
Large round disc crystal prism, crystal beaded chain with hummingbird

Celestial Moon & Stars SunCatcher
Large baroque prism with moon & stars etchings

Close-up view of Celestial Moon & Stars Sun Catcher

"Queen of the Sun" Large Crystal Sun Prism.
Large crystal disc and beaded chain

Multi-Color Deco Sun Catcher.
Large crystal ball suspended on multi-color jeweled chain

Full View of Multi-Color Deco Sun Catcher
And I made a few rear view mirror sun catcher charms too:

Swarovski Crystal Heart Rear View Mirror Sun Catcher Charm.
Interchangeable heart charms
I made the crystal heart charms a couple of weeks ago - you can find a tutorial on how to make these in my earlier post DIY Tutorial Wire-Wrapped Heart Pendant.

So now you know how I created a little bit of sunshine for myself!

To see all of my sun catchers be sure to visit me on Etsy at!  You can find all of these designs and more here in my Sun Catchers section.

Till next time!


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