Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wine Cork Ornament Tutorial

My last blog post showed how to make a basic wine cork ornament.  This week I took one of these wine corks and embellished it.

Here is what the basic ornament looks like before decorating it:

In case you missed my last post, click here to read how to put the wire loops on each end of your cork.

Here is the cork after decorating it:

For this ornament I used two of these round silver open links (I got these from

You can use any component you like, but these worked well because they were a perfect size to fit on top of the wine cork and they have lots of little openings for attaching things.

In addition to the links, you will need some E-6000 glue, push pins, chain, and beads. The chain I used has links that open and close like jump rings.

I forgot to photograph wire which you will also need.  You will need this to place your beads onto and make wire-wrapped loops for attaching to your chain.  Alternatively, you can use headpins.

In order to attach the chain, I glued one of the round links to the top of the cork, then placed several push pins through some of the openings.  Then I attached several links of chain around the link.

I attached the second round link to the loop on the top of the cork with one of the open links from the chain - I used it like a jump ring - just open and close it with some needle nose pliers. Here is a close-up of the top of the ornament.

I then made several wire wrapped beaded loops and attached them to the bottom of the chains.

I finished the ornament by adding some beaded trim to the top round link for hanging the ornament - you could also use ribbon or twine.

Of course, there are lots of other ways to embellish these corks.  You might glue some pretty rhinestones or flat beads to the cork.  There are lots of possibilities.  I would love to see what you come up with.  Send me some pictures of your wine cork ornaments and I will share them here!

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