Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trinkets from a Thrift Store

I went to a local thrift store today and ended up buying several trinkets that I hope to upcycle and alter into interesting jewelry displays.  The thrift store is Sweet Repeat Thrift Store in Lake Wylie, SC.  I always feel good about buying from them as this is a charitable non-profit organization run by volunteers.  All items sold there are donations from local residents.

Anyway here is what I came away with:

An old lampshade for $1.00.  I might end up removing the material and using the wire frame for a necklace and earring holder.

An old brass goblet - also $1.00.  It is very tarnished but still pretty.  I might actually paint over this and use as an earring display.

A brass candlestick holder for 50 cents.  It is very solid and heavy.  I also found the small brass drawer pull pictured beside the candle holder and went ahead and glued this to the top (see second photo below) ... it matches perfectly and will make a great weighted piece for draping necklaces around and letting them hang from a shelf in a store where I sell my jewelry.

A pair of candlestick holders for $2.00.  Not sure what I will do with these, but surely something will come to mind.

I will post some pictures of my finished alterations when done - hopefully along with some new jewelry designs I am working on from what I am calling my Gatsby Collection!


  1. Girl.... you got the makings for a pirate back yard right there! lol..... just a thought!
    big hugs,

    1. Yes I feel like I did luck out and find some nice little treasures this week. Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. I am always on the prowl for items to display my jewelry and scarves on. These are great tips.

    1. Thanks Susan for visiting and commenting. I will definitely post some pics in the next week or so with these props actually being used. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Irene,
    Great finds. I know you will create something wonderful with these treasures.
    Happy Memorial Day