Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Personalized and Handstamped Jewelry - An Increasingly Popular Trend

Personalized Initial Necklace - Red Patina
There is no doubt about the increasing popularity of personalized jewelry.  Hand stamped jewelry designs are one of the most popular trends today and likely to become a major Christmas and Holiday favorite this year.

This week I have introduced my first Etsy shop designs in my Handstamped and Personalized Collection.  These pieces are so much fun to create, and they have such endless possibilities!  One's imagination is really the only limit.

My personal favorite so far is the Personalized Initial Necklace with Red Patina pictured above.   I used antiqued brass charms which I personalized with an initial.  Then I added a deep red patina using Gilder's Paste and textured them with a hammer.  (For more about using Gilder's Paste, read my earlier post on Antiquing Jewelry with Gilder's Paste.)  The color is then sealed with a glossy glaze.  I love the rustic antiqued appearance that results from this process.  Gilder's Paste comes in an array of colors so the patina can be individualized and customized.

Below are a few of my first designs, but more are to follow.  So be sure to check back in the Handstamped Personalized section of my Etsy shop from time to time!

Simple Initial Necklace

Double Heart Brass and Silver Necklace

Hand Stamped Awareness Necklace

Hand Stamped Bronze Sun Necklace 

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