Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sneak Peek: New Rose Gold Jewelry Collection

Here's a sneak peek at my newest collection of Rose Gold Jewelry.  I've only recently begun to experiment with this beautiful metal but have really fallen in love with it!

Rose gold, also known as pink or red gold, has a warm rosy hue.  Rose gold jewelry was first popularized in the 1920's and is now making somewhat of a "comeback" in the worlds of both fashion and fine jewelry.

I think people are rediscovering rose gold because of its vintage appeal.  Having its initial debut in the art deco era, this blush hued metal gives jewelry an antiqued heirloom like quality.

Rose gold is available in various levels of purity.  Gold jewelry, in whatever color, is never 100% gold because it would be too soft.  So it is mixed with other alloys such as silver, copper, nickel and zinc.  Rose gold is made by mixing gold with a higher ratio of copper than yellow gold or white gold.  

For my Rose Gold Jewelry, I am using 14K rose gold filled wire for items such as earring wires.  For my wire-wrapping I am using a combintation of rose gold filled and plated wire. The color seems to go exceptionally well with pearls.  And I also like making mixed metal designs by using it together with sterling silver.  

Here are a few of my newest items:

Rose Gold Crystal Pearl Necklace

Rose Gold & Swarovski Crystal Pearl Earrings

Rose Gold & Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Pearl Earrings

Rose Gold Swarovski Crystal Pearl Earrings

Pink & Rose Gold Wire Wrapped Earrings

Pink Opal & Rose Gold Wire Wrapped Earrings

Wire-Wrapped Heart Earrings in 14K Rose Gold or Bright Gold

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Acknowledgement:  The vintage lady photo used in photographing some of my designs is from - as always I love that site!

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