Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Christmas Ideas

With the Holidays just around the corner, I am getting the bug to start decorating.  So I thought I would share some of the inspirations I have found on the internet - a lot of them on Pinterest and Facebook.

Do you have a lot of old Christmas ornaments (like the ones pictured at left?)  Those pretty vintage Christmas ornaments are not mine - I found the photo at (one of my favorite places to visit now days is Pinterest!)  And I am thinking I have a lot of things lying around my house to use and repurpose for some great Holiday decorating.  

I have yet to try re-creating any of these, but hope to do so soon.  Here are some of the ideas I might just try this year.

Vintage Paper and Glitter Covered Glass Ornaments
Found at:

"Snow" Covered Wine Bottles - using Epsom salt
Found at:

Simple Jewel & Bauble Filled Glass Ornament
Found at

Beaded Ornament Hangers
Found on Pinterest at Just Hang On Ornament Hangers

DIY Christmas Garland With Glass Ornaments
Found at

Vintage Christmas Wreath
Found on Pinterest at:

Beaded Christmas Ornament
Found on Pinterest at Beadwork Designs by Joanie Jennigas

Beaded Christmas Garland for Windows
Found on Pinterest at:

Do you have any DIY ideas for this year?  Let me know ... I would love to see them!  Find me at:

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