Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wedding and Bridal Jewelry 2012

Are you a bride looking for fresh ideas for your wedding jewelry?  My newest Etsy shop is dedicated to custom, made to order bridal jewelry.  My shop is filled with ideas for brides and bridesmaids.  Any of my designs can be replicated exactly or modified and personalized to match your wedding colors and theme.
Pearl and Silver Filigree Bridal Earrings

Silver Filigree Heart Earrings

Bronze Pearl Earrings

Pearl Wedding Earrings
Pearl Wedding Necklace

Something Blue Bridal Earrings
Crystal Bridal Necklace

Remember, any of these designs can be customized and personalized in just about any way.  Like the design but need different colors of crystals and pearls?  Here is a color chart of some of the most popular Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls I use.

There is really no limit to the possibilities.  Visit DJAweddings on Etsy and let's get started on your bridal jewelry today!

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    1. Thank you Michael for the comment. Best wishes for the wedding couple!

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  4. Wow your bridal jewelry collection is so gorgeous!

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