Sunday, December 12, 2010

Are You Finished with Your Christmas Shopping?

Just wondering how many people have actually finished their Christmas shopping by now.  I am writing this post on December 12 - so there are 13 days left till Christmas!

Well, I have yet to start - have actually delegated the task to my husband this year for the second year in a row.  It worked out very well last year - he went out in one day and finished the task splendidly.  I think men do a lot less deliberating when shopping than women - they "see and buy."  Don't get me wrong - he actually did make a list before going, and he stuck to it pretty well.  The difference is that when I make a list, I stick to it in more general terms.  If I'm going after a coffee maker for my mom, for instance - I might check out 10 or 15 different ones - and I might go to two or three stores before settling on the "right one."  He just "sees and buys" the first or second one he comes across.  But you know, I like it - less work and hassle for me - and he seems to enjoy it.

I'm interested in knowing - how do other people handle their Christmas shopping?  Drop a note and let me know!


  1. LOL...posting this a second time, I probably forgot to hit submit the first!

    I finished my shopping! I start early, sometimes as early as july or aug. Of course there's always a last minute gift to get. Your husband sounds terrific! Mine would NEVER go Christmas! the only thing I would never do is go shopping on Black Friday!! I'd rather pay regular price for something than go out there with those crazies,it's insane!! Happy shopping Irene!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your shopping! Yes I do have a great husband - he seems to thrive on the whole Christmas spirit thing and really gets into it - loves to put the tree up AND even decorate it! I agree with you about Black Friday - the only shopping I would do on that day is online!