Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to Offer Multiple Shipping Options on Etsy

I have always wanted to offer more than one shipping option for my Etsy customers.  Currently Etsy is not equipped to offer more than one option.  But did you know you can offer multiple shipping options through PayPal during checkout?  Here's how:
  1. Sign in to your PayPal account.  At the top of your page on the line beneath "My Account" select "Profile.
  2. You will be taken to another page - look for "Hosted Payment Settings" and select "Shipping Calculator."
  3. You can then set up your shipping options for both Domestic and International.  You can determine whether to charge based on total order amount, shipping weight, or number of items.  You can even have a "Free Shipping" option based on your pre-set criteria.
  4. IMPORTANT:  At the end of the set up process there is a box that says "Use the shipping fee in the transaction instead of your calculator settings."  Leave this box blank so that the customer will have a choice of shipping options.  Otherwise, PayPal will default to the shipping charge set in your Etsy listing.
Be sure to explain your shipping policies in the POLICY section of your Etsy shop.  Here is my shop's explanation:  DJAjewels Shop Policies.

I hope this post is helpful for other sellers who would like to offer shipping choices for their Etsy customers.  Feedback is welcome!

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